7+ Ways to Improve Class Participation

You will agree with me that every classroom have students who are always eager to participate, while they are also others in the same class, who finds it difficult to engage. Well, many things may have led to that. It could be because of an introverted nature, or just them having a bad day…

It could also be that they are shy or simply thinking through their ideas before giving voice to it. Whatever it is, it can be a hard time trying to bring kids who are not participating in class, to that place of participation.    

And having heard from many teachers, it is a concluded fact that getting students to participate during virtual lessons, is becoming more challenging by the day. Most of them agrees to the fact that getting kids to contribute in virtual classrooms require more work than envisioned. 

Well, you do not have to worry much about that again. In this blog post, I will be showing you 7+ Proven Ways You Can Improve Class Participation, using an indigenous school management system called, BLINC.

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The E-resources plays a vital role in the all over world, every user must knew the importance of eresources, it is accepted by all kind of people because of its accessibility, affordability, usability and readability.

  • 1. The information preserves at standard interval and can be reserved always up-to-date in electronic media.
  • 2. Smooth the progress of easy replication into new media and sharing the data.
  • 3. Incorporation of special media (Image, Sound, Video etc.)
  • 4. Afford hyper links to related additional resources.
  • 5. The electronic resources unresponsive to environment exposure and if handle with care, it will prove huge stability which cannot be attain on paper based print media.
  • 6. Saves massive time by providing easy and immediate access without slaying time for processing, printing, binding and delivery.
  • 7. It also saves the space of the library.
  • 8. It gives awareness to the user community such as PG students, research scholars, faculty, staff etc.
  • 9. The user can get all the data in digitalized format, so there is no need for printing and binding.
  • 10. The cost of e-resources is less than the print version
  • 11. It allocates the interactive facility.
  • 12. Have possible to preserve delicate / valuable unique materials.
  • 13. To access and recover appropriate articles, number of search engines is available
  • 14. It facilitates concurrent access to huge number of users.
  • 15. Numerous access and through limited networks become easy
  • 16. Smooth the progress of access to physically challenged persons.
  • 17. It consents to remote access from anywhere at any time.

E-resources have a prominent role to play in supporting higher education and in fulfilling educational objectives. E-resources are rich source of information for those students who want extra learning materials in addition to their regular classroom activities.

If you need help implementing e-resources for your school or institution, feel free to reach-out to us. We look forward to helping you and your school to achieve the best with regards student learning.


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School management is an important part of any educational system. School authorities all over the world are continuously engaged in numerous activities to efficiently manage school functions and provide a better educational experience to students.

However, managing school affairs is not at all easy in this fast-growing world. To better perform the functions of school management and assure parents of their child’s safety and progress, implementing a school management system is of outmost necessity.

Now, let’s have a look on the top 8 Features of highly effective school management system/software.


Attendance, homework, discipline, grades, and achievements! Almost all the information regarding the students can be accessed easily using efficient school management software.

Teachers can use the student database to avail basic information of students like grades, address, information regarding parents and siblings etc.

In addition to this information, details regarding the students’ medical history, accounts, billing etc. are also added by the administration.


Being part of your child’s school activities and stay connected with their academic progress can be a difficult thing in this busy world.

However, now it’s easy for parents to avail updates about their child’s academic activities through parent portals and school apps. It helps parents to be with their child and teachers the whole day.


Effective school management software not only helps in availing information regarding students but also provides information regarding teacher activities inside the school. It’s easy to view a particular teacher’s class schedule, file reports efficiently etc.

Also teachers can use their database to keep the details regarding class timings, student progress and classroom activities in one place.

4. COMMUNICATION FACILITIES (Voice Messaging, E-Mail, Chats, Etc)

Student success depends on the effectiveness of communication among parents, schools and teachers. School management systems ought to have Parent portal, which are capable enough to facilitate the communication process by sending text, voice messages and e-mails to a predefined set of parents and the whole school; thereby lessening the time invested by the school administrators in making phone calls or leaving messages to parents.

Another small but important feature of highly effective school management software is the facility to use templates that can be saved to communicate important days like teachers’ day, annual day, cultural day etc.


Attendance management is an important school administrative task and it requires teachers to spend a small chunk of time at the beginning of each class.

Sometimes, it is difficult for teachers to manage the whole process of taking attendance and recording them accurately. Marking attendance in grids having small squares is very hard and errors can occur very easily. But attendance management is no longer a burden as the software/system installs records attendance of each student is just a click away using their login Timestamps. You can manage attendance of your students without any errors using online attendance pages and share the details with parents within a short time.

Timetable management for schools become a much easier process with this feature.


While term examinations are still relevant, it is of much help to teachers and students to test and learn the knowledge each student has acquired continuously. Online assessments and assignments are therefore very important.

Teachers can provide individual assessments to each student looking at their level of knowledge if so required. Rubric-based assessments can be used by teachers for such purposes. So, this is an important feature for school management software to have.


A Report Card represents a student’s hard work throughout the year and it is the most anticipated thing in an academic year. However, both the teachers and the school administration find it a time-consuming responsibility.

School management software can help teachers and school authorities to streamline the process of generating report cards using an interactive database. With the already available information about a student’s class performance, attendance and exam results, the database completes the report card automatically.

Teachers can review this before finalizing and approving the report card and make it accessible to parents and students immediately.


Managing receipts and incoming payments, preparing bills, tracking several types of fees before applying them to the right student etc can be time-consuming and difficult without proper software to handle the functions.

A simple way to manage and deliver payments, charge fees and prepare bills is by using Smart Cards for payment system. It is easy and convenient to use.

Online billing helps schools to allow credit card payments and parents can pay their child’s school fees at home easily. This make the whole process of fee payment hassle-free for both parents and the school.


Such software or system should be capable enough to manage the registration and admission process of both old and new students smoothly. It should remove the difficulties caused by human errors and treats the new and old students differently based on the information provided.


This is one module of the system which is used to manage students, parents, staff and teachers. It captures information such as name and contact information of the users. Every user has unique role, login credentials and access.


This module is an effective solution to make school library management simple and effective. It has capability to automate your library and houses features such as find, search and download books. It allows access to additional portals were parents or students can download relevant materials to help them in their academics. It also includes reports of library members, daily issue register and much more.


Any effective school management software will have the facility to manage school transportation effectively. With this, you can keep track of each student’s route change history. They also display information such as students who has opted for school transportation without routes assigned to them. It ensures student safety by making sure whether a student is present on the bus or not and later submits the report to their parents.


Academic calendar is one of the basic needs of an effective school management software. It helps parents to stay updated about the events, meetings, assignments, lectures, exam schedules etc.


With this module, employee details can be maintained properly. All data regarding staff enrolments, staff recruitments, staff payroll, staff leaves etc can be kept systematically using HR module.


For a successful execution of any software, it needs to have an easy to use and well- designed user interface. It should be designed in a way so that a person with least computer knowledge should also be able to access the system. The software must also be customizable as per school requirements.

CONLUSION These are some of the features of highly effective school management system. So, what are your thoughts on the same? Please feel free to share them with us in the comment section